Music / Ensemble Visual  
Music 500 points
Ensemble Visual (Marching) 500 points
Total Possible Music / Visual Points 1,000 points
Color Guard  
Color Guard Points 500 points
Percussion Ensemble  
Percussion Ensemble Points 500 points

Cap City uses four judges, one each for Music, Ensemble Visual (Marching), Percussion Ensemble, and Color Guard. The judges use a 500-point scoring system, with scores beginning at zero. The band is awarded points for proficiency and technical ability in each of the four areas: music, marching, color guard, and percussion, with consideration given to qualities of technique, execution, expression, and effectiveness. Each band is considered on its own merit for style, theme, and approach. Placement for overall awards in each class are based on the combined Music and Ensemble Visual (Marching) scores. Placement for awards in Color Guard and Percussion are based on those individual scores.

In the event of a tie, it will be broken by considering each band’s score in these categories, in this order:
1. Music score
2. Visual score
3. Percussion score
4. Color guard score

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